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Get practical tips for exceptional golf as Katie shares her expertise and unique insight into the game of golf through videos, articles & more. Whether you are an experienced golfer looking to lower scores & get fit for golf, or you are new to the game and just want to learn how to play this is the place for you!

How to Hit a Draw

Watch this video and learn how to draw the golf ball with these simple steps

Big Break Putting

Master the putting greens with big breaking putts by using this tip to soften the amount of the break in the line of the putt

Stat Tracker

Keep long term stats to help you advance your game!

Tour Tips

Golf Stretches

Increase your flexibility & prevent injuries with these easy-to-learn golf stretches. Download & take with you to use before swinging!

Obliques on Ball

Strengthen your corse with obliques on the ball

Balancing on Ball

Improve you golf balance with this ball exercise to help you stay centered during your swing

Golf Fitness

The Set Up

Here Katie demonstrates the basics of how to stand and address
the golf ball before starting your swing

The Grip

Learn how to properly put your hands on the grip of the golf club & discover which grip option is best for you

Golf Vocabulary

Learn the lingo of the links with this list of basic golf terminology to help you get a grip on speaking the language of golf

Fore Newbies

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