★ Learn to Golf ★

★ Learn to Golf ★ PACKAGE – 6 x 2 hour session

Katie will help eliminate the intimidation you may feel being new to golf by teaching you the basics of the game. She will equip you with the tools you need to feel comfortable around the practice area and on to the golf course.

Includes Learn to Golf Levels 1-6

Level 1 – OVERVIEW  (2 hour session)
Explanation and tour of golf facilities, overview of golf equipment & use of each golf club, demonstration of golf swings used to play golf.

Level 2 – FUNDAMENTALS (2 hour session)
Learn the fundamentals of the golf motions which focus on the putting stroke, chipping, pitching & full swing with irons.

Level 3 – CONSISTENCY (2 hour session)
This level covers the path to consistency, learn how to make solid contact with the ball and distance control with putting, pitching, and your iron swing.

Level 4 – SHORT GAME (2 hour session)
Learn to how to score on the golf course through accuracy in your short game. This level will cover reading putting greens, chipping, pitching and sand bunker shots.

Level 5 – LONG GAME (2 hour session)
This level focuses on developing distance and generating club head speed in your full swing. You will also learn effective practice habits and club selection.

Level 6 – GOLF READY (2 hour session)
Focus is on learning how to properly warm up, pace of play, golf etiquette, apply various skills on the golf course, and establish a handicap.


Price: $999.00