Tour Tips

  • “Have a routine, pre-round & pre-shot”
  • “Don’t hit the shot until you are comfortable; if you are not back off and start over”
  • “Focus on your target and swing to it”
  • “Be your own best friend on the golf course…stay positive and have fun”

– Katie Bakken

Lower Your Scores

as Katie reveals tour level skills & drills!

How to Hit a Draw

Watch this video and learn how to draw the golf ball with these simple steps

Big Break Putting

Master the putting greens with big breaking putts by using this tip to soften the amount of the break in the line of the putt

Obliques on Ball

Strengthen your corse with obliques on the ball

Fairway Bunkers

Watch this video to learn to hit from fairway bunkers with a fairway wood

Perfect Your Routine

Establish a repeatable and effective pre-shot routine.

Wall Slides

Improve you golf posture with wall slides

Goal Setting Tips

Guaranteed to help you improve by providing guidelines to layout a game-plan for success!

Balancing on Ball

Improve you golf balance with this ball exercise to help you stay centered during your swing

Balancing Toe Touch

Improve your golf balance with the balancing toe touch

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Shoulder Press on Ball

Increase your power with the shoulder press on ball

Stat Keeper

Keep your Golf Stats each round…to get on the Road to improvement!

How to Hit a Fade

Watch this video and learn how to fade the golf ball with these simple steps

Downhill & Uphill Lies

Katie demonstrates how to successfully hit from downhill & uphill lies

Scapula Pull

Better your golf posture with the scapula pull

Sidehill Lies

Katie demonstrates how to successfully hit from sidehill lies

Soft Touch Chip

Develop a soft touch chip to get the ball close to the hole

Chest Press on Ball

Gain more power with chest press on the ball

Stat Tracker

Keep long term stats to help you advance your game!